Jussi Halla-aho

* PhD
* linguist, slavist
* web columnist

jussi at halla-aho.com



I was born in Tampere on April 27th 1971 where I also spent my first 24 years. I moved to Helsinki in 1995, and since 2001 I have been living in Eira (the southernmost district of Helsinki) with my wife Hilla. We also have two sweet daughters, Hilma (born 2003) and Kerttu (2004), and a son Veikko (2008).

I was enrolled in the University of Helsinki from 1995 to 2000, studying Russian as well as Croatian, Polish and Ukrainian, and also various dead languages such as Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, Old Persian, Old Irish and Old English.

During my post-graduate period, from 2000 through 2006, I worked at the Department of Slavonic and Baltic Studies as a researcher and free-paid teacher of Old Church Slavic.

Scientific interests:
Comparative Indo-European linguistics, especially nominal morphology and theoretical questions related to the principles of reconstruction. Old Church Slavic (some fun). Historical morphology of Slavic languages. Gothic and Phrygian (see my bibliography on Phrygian). You will find the list of my publications at the bottom of this page.

Everything written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Astronomy. Shooting (pistols and rifles).

For a couple of years I have maintained a very popular (and controversial) blog called Scripta in which I write mostly about immigration and multiculturalism. If you know these themes to heat you up, do not click. Almost entirely in Finnish. Some translations are available elsewhere.


2006 Problems of Proto-Slavic historical nominal morphology, on the basis of Old Church Slavic (= Slavica Helsingiensia, 26.), Helsinki. (On-line version.)

2006 Muinaiskirkkoslaavin käsikirja ja lukemisto [Old Church Slavic manual and reader]. On-line only. An English edition in preparation.

2005 "Two borrowings in Proto-Slavic; and a minor Balto-Slavic sound change", Journal of Indo-European Studies 33, 233-245.

2005 "The collapse of an early Proto-Indo-European ablaut pattern", Indogermanische Forschungen 110, 97-118.

2001 Papers in Slavic, Baltic and Balkan studies (= Slavica Helsingiensia, 21.), Juhani Nuorluoto, Martti Leiwo, Jussi Halla-aho (toim.), Helsinki.

1998 Muinaiskirkkoslaavi: lyhyt kielioppi [Old Church Slavic: A Short Grammar] (= Helsingin yliopiston Slavistiikan ja baltologian laitoksen opetusmonisteita, 5.), Helsinki.