Name: Jussi Halla-aho.

Born: April 27th 1971, in Tampere.

Vocation: Linguist, part-time teacher.

Education: PhD,  University of Helsinki 2006. Russian language and literature, Slavic philology, Indo-European studies.

Language skills: English, Russian, Ukrainian (fluent); German, Swedish (more or less); all Slavic languages (decent passive command); Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, various dead languages.

Civil status: Married to Hilla Halla-aho (née Salovaara) since 2002. We have two sweet daughters, Hilma (born January 7th 2003) and Kerttu (September 26th 2004). We live in southern Helsinki.

Scientific interests: Comparative Indo-European linguistics, especially nominal morphology and theoretical questions related to the principles of reconstruction. Old Church Slavic (some fun). Historical morphology of Slavic languages. Gothic and Phrygian (bibliography).

Hobbies: Astronomy. Pistol shooting. Renovating.

I defended my doctor's thesis at the Department of Slavonic and Baltic Studies of Helsinki university on May 27th 2006 (the book is available here).


2006 Problems of Proto-Slavic historical nominal morphology, on the basis of Old Church Slavic (= Slavica Helsingiensia, 26.), Helsinki.

2005 "Two borrowings in Proto-Slavic; and a minor Balto-Slavic sound change", Journal of Indo-European Studies 33, 233-245.

2005 "The collapse of an early Proto-Indo-European ablaut pattern", Indogermanische Forschungen 110, 97-118.

2001 Papers in Slavic, Baltic and Balkan studies (= Slavica Helsingiensia, 21.), Juhani Nuorluoto, Martti Leiwo, Jussi Halla-aho (eds.), Helsinki.

1998 Muinaiskirkkoslaavi: lyhyt kielioppi [Old Church Slavic: a short grammar] (= Helsingin yliopiston Slavistiikan ja baltologian laitoksen opetusmonisteita, 5.), Helsinki.